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this_team_is_jokes vs. WhoIsD

I like this battle a lot, so I'll comment about it.

Short comment about matchup: WhoIsD uses a sand offense team with the tried and true Keldeo/Ttar core, as well as packing some other top-notch metagame threats, with Scizor and Rotom-W to provide momentum with their voltturns. ttij uses a weatherless offensive team, with a Mew to provide Tailwind to get some mini-sweeps going. While his team is offensive, it is more focused towards bulky offense, some members relying on tailwind to patch up their speed (looking at you, Kyurem-B).

First turn ttij predicts his opponent well and sends in Kyurem-B, while WhoisD starts with Rotom-W, which gives ttij an obvious advantage. He proceeds to set up a sub, which would be terrifying for WhoisD, had he not had a Scizor. ttij now also knows the Rotom isn't scarfed, which means probably Keldeo or Chomp is scarfed, or even Ttar.

Kyurem goes for some weak damage with earth power and Scizor goes for the U-turn. WhoisD brings out Keldeo, and as scarf Keldeo isn't guaranteed to KO a Kyurem-B at 88%, this may mean its specs or Ebelt, which could be important information for ttij. ttij makes a nice play and sponges the SS with Mew.

Turn 4 it turns out the Keldeo is Ebelt, but its HP ghost doesn't do too much. Mew could have Psyshocked here, which would've been bad for Keldeo. ttij however sets up tailwind, and scares out Mew. Next few turns both players predict their opponents moves well, until turn 7. Here, WhoisD makes a huge misplay, letting his Garchomp die to an Ice Punch. Maybe he forgot about Tailwind, maybe he thought he would live, we don't know. ttij now sacks his Lucario who did its job, and brings out Starmie who is ready to wreck some shit with LO analytic attacks. The Star OHKOs the incoming Rotom-W. I'm not sure if it mattered cause I don't know its ev spread (standard bulky rotom-w can usually avoid the 2HKO, even with Analytic).

Turn 10 is crucial. ttij thinks he can KO the Scizor (which usually is the case: 252 SpA Life Orb Starmie Surf vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Scizor: 200-238 (58.3 - 69.38%)). But the Scizor is apparently specially defensive and lives, KOing the Starmie with U-turn, which could have been a very vital pokemon for ttij.
Turn 13, WhoIsD sacks his Ttar, as he needed all his other pokemon to have an answer to ttij's pokemon (celebi for keldeo, scizor for kyurem, his own keldeo for landorus-t). Next turn he finds out Landorus-t is scarfed, and it does a good chunk of damage to keldeo. Some more sacking follows.

Turn 17 is IMO the most interesting turn in the battle, as ttij thinks he can surprise celebi with an HP bug, while it is actually WhoisD who surprises him with a usually never seen Tanga Berry to soften the blow. This really hurts ttijs game plan which was to sweep with Keldeo.

After this surprising turn, ttij probably thinks it's over with Kyurem and Mew both being in BP range. Or not? While the defensive evs saved Scizor from Starmie earlier, its lack of attack investment now hurts it, as it is unable to do over 25% to Mew. The pink legendary saves the game for ttij with only 2% health remaining! Now, that was an intense finish!

Props to both users for playing very well, and to WhoisD for using unorthodox items such as a Tanga berry. The Scizor set was kinda weird though, being specially defensive, which is usually only done for bulky SD sets. WhoisD however showed he had U-turn in turn 2 already. Its item is also a mystery (maybe Iron Plate).
this_team_is_jokes vs. WhoIsD

Turn 7. Here, WhoisD makes a huge misplay, letting his Garchomp die to an Ice Punch. Maybe he forgot about Tailwind, maybe he thought he would live, we don't know.

Turn 13. Next turn he finds out Landorus-t is scarfed, and it does a good chunk of damage to keldeo. Some more sacking follows.
Looks like everyone forgets about Tailwind :D

Nice feedback though! The Scizor set both hurting and helping the battle was interesting.
All right, i will comment this replay because t has the least mistakes and overall better quality.

Teams: the fakes guy runs decent sun team with some dragon support in order to kill other dragons ? Shake's team is probably some kind of offensive featherless with a small TR core ? , one thing is for sure both teams have a lot of character,the team much up is slightly against fakes as the latias of of S takes pitiful damage from the hp ice
and comes all over its team out speeding most things and beating almost every pokemon in his team in one to one situations ,

All weather teams want their weather up as soon is possible all weatherless offensive teams want their rocks up as soon is possible,so its not hard to guess what each of those guys will lead with,
Ninetales is sacrificed in order to prevent the rocks up, or fakes just hoped that its going to some kind of bulky version to make use of the tr core that S had ?, S however predicted it , and killed ntales, fakes lost a precious death fodder but he at least delayed the entry hazards,
to delay the hazards even more fakes sends in venusaur to stop rocks with sleep, S predicts the powder and sucrifices its most useless pokemon, fakes then predicts a dragon switch however its no use as its pitifull hp ice wont even 2hko the incoming latias, fakes switch forry in and pays the fact he has no serious dragon counter measures with a 2hko of huge importance that prevents forry to spin effectively against the incoming garchomp and deciding half of the match , forry breaks the sash however before its forced out because of the rough skin recoil, latios is switched, its probably a specs latios perfect steel type bate that opens the way for venusaur to sweep without hp fire , S however doesnt predict that or just wants to keep scizor at full hp in case venusaur/garchomp gets out of control, rotom-w dies another thing that stops a victini sweep is out of the way,

Fakes now wants to get sr out of the way as they would be a serious obstacle if victini tries to set up TR and have healthy sweep without getting revange killed by scizor after the def drops if it wasn't for this circumstantial spin war disavd fakes would have the upper hand right here but Shakeitup wont let him the chance to sweep that easily he keeps the rocks up and keeps the important pokemon healthy , S switches latias knowing that it will outspeed latios that probably had hp fire, fakes sacrifices its latios or expects to outspeed he then switches to forry that fails to spin again and dies after reaching the earthquake range , the game at this point is seemingly lost for fakes but believe or not he still had a small window of opportunity if in the later turns reuniclus used trick room against venausar and fakes abused it with its victini that would hopefully weaken his team to the point that he could finish things up with venausur and scarfchomp ? that however never happens victini tries to set up but
its easily revenge killed by scizor the game was decided and scizor cleaned what was left from fakes team.

It was a really nice and complex battle both of the players gave the best they had although ShakeitUp controlled the game most of the time he could easily lose it any time even by doing tiny little mistakes like switching scizor to take the DM S however did no mistake he played perfectly and thanks to that little spin war avd he gave no chance to fakes to turn the tables.

sorry for my english i am european,
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x5dragon's match

From team preview, I see Staraptor and immediately know that this will be an interesting match. Queen Lexie's team has a Magnezone to trap the steels that resist both of Staraptor's STABs, but the rest of the team forms a nice defensive core including a spinner. This could enable the Staraptor to come in after many things are weak and clean up with its powerful, though commonly resisted, attacks.

On the other side of the ring, X5Dragon brings his infamous priority core to the table with the usual Starmie compliment, this time having Garchomp as the offensive rock layer and a Kingdra for late game cleanup and possible weather control.

Turn 4 - Garchomp was able to use Stealth Rock through confusion, which proves to be important as they get consistent damage on everyone, most especially the Staraptor.

Turn 6 - The Celebi's physical bulk was hinted at when it took the Garchomp's -1 Outrage fairly well, but it truly shown when it survived Dragonite's +1 Outrage and Thunder Waved it again after the Lum Berry was gone.

Turn 7 - However, instead of Celebi breaking Dragonite's Multiscale, which would allow Starmie to KO it with Ice Beam, Queen Lexie opts to go for the Recover, perhaps incase of the chance at full paralysis.

Turn 11 - X5Dragon uses the low-HP Dragonite he saved earlier as fodder to allow Breloom get a free Spore on a Pokemon of Queen Lexie's choosing.

Turn 14 & 15 - Because of rocks, Staraptor is not able to take a +1 Mach Punch if Breloom carries Life Orb. Queen Lexienow sacrifices Lando-T to Intimidate the Breloom a second time, and since Life Orb was not seen, Staraptor can at least live one Mach Punch at 50% HP.

252 Atk Technician Breloom Mach Punch vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Staraptor: 132-156 (42.3 - 50%)
Turn 16 - X5Dragon is able to set up the rain and closes out the game safely, allowing Starmie to utilize the rain boost even if Kingdra was to die to Magnezone.

In the end, Queen Lexie was not able overcome the team matchup disadvantage, especially after Garchomp was able to get rocks on turn 4. However, it was a well-fought match on both sides and was an enjoyable watch.
Eh sorry Jukain, I thought I was done doing homework 4 years ago, curses foiled again!

this_team_is_jokes vs. WhoIsD

You start this match thinking it's an offensive match between a keldeo and a support crew vs. a team full of strong sweepers and a suprise Mew. A bulky Kyube handles a lead Rotom-W well (thankfully for it wasn't scarved) and a couple of scouting switches lead us to Mew making an entrance. What could the Mew have in store? Nasty Plot? SD? Screens? SRPLOSIONZ? Nope, Tailwind. Now suddenly those couple of sweepers look very deadly, and at the same time gives a very strong hint this Mew is built like a tank. Very risky strategy indeed. The thing I have trouble understanding is why WhoIsD let Garchomp stay in an obviously physical Lucario with Ice Punch and without a yache berry? Was it bulky ev'd or had he forgotten the tailwind boost? In any case, Lucario is fodderized so Starmie can start his revenge kill or at the very least put pressure at the opponent, unfortunately a critic t-bolt OHKO's a Rotom-W, so it is neither speedy enough nor ev'd for bulk, which makes me question the team building skills of the opponent. On the other hand, a properly bulky Scizor restores faith and suprise kills the Starmie, which leads to another Mew vs Keldeo. Rather than predicting a switch and using his Keldeo, the opponent switches to TTar hoping to finish off that pesky Mew, but instead has the pleasure meeting a Landrous-I. The match demonstrates a very unique and very HO strategy of throwing away depleted pokemons in order to set up for others, and TTar sacrifices itself for Keldeo. EQ of course doesn't OHKO, but a great move selection of Icy wind shows that the battle of wits is still on. Landrous is thrown under the bus, damaged goods and all that jazz and WhoIsD finally gets a break and wins a speed tie (or did he?). It's now down to a Scizor-Celebi vs a dying Mew and damaged Keldeo. Celebi is out, Keldeo used HP Bug and...tanga berry. I want to applause for a second but saved it for later when Celebi began spamming Psychic infront of a Kyube desperately trying to keep his sub up. In any case the match is over, a Scizor was properly stored (by luck) and it had no troubles dispatching the remaining pokemon left.
Turn 14 & 15 - Because of rocks, Staraptor is not able to take a +1 Mach Punch if Breloom carries Life Orb. Queen Lexienow sacrifices Lando-T to Intimidate the Breloom a second time, and since Life Orb was not seen, Staraptor can at least live one Mach Punch at 50% HP.
252 Atk Technician Breloom Mach Punch vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Staraptor: 132-156 (42.3 - 50%)
Now that's an interesting calc. It's always funny to see something do exactly 50% max since it almost (or always?) guarantees the survival of two hits. But unless Queen Lexie is a Staraptor master, I don't think that calc was one of her strategies :p

In any case the match is over, a Scizor was properly stored (by luck) and it had no troubles dispatching the remaining pokemon left.
But it did have trouble! Since it had so much bulk when we saw it live the hit from Starmie, it failed to kill Mew with a Bullet Punch who then KOed it, allowing this_team_is_jokes and his Mew to win the match with a mere 2% HP remaining on his side.


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i chose to analyze grey knight's replay because sun stall and haxorus are always fun to watch.

replay: http://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/ou-21414718

initial match-up:

dragon spam (grey knight) v. sun stall (conflict).

grey knight: magnezone / mamoswine / haxorus / dragonite / latios / jirachi

conflict: ninetales / dugtrio / xatu / volcarona / slowbro / chansey

paper advantage: grey knight.

paper disadvantage: conflict.


start of battle (turns 1-4):

conflict leads with ninetales to get sun up while grey knight sends latios out. a will-o-wisp miss turn 1 sets conflict back slightly. latios goes for the kill turn 2 while spamming draco meteor. conflict uses this loss as an opportunity to bring volcarona in. however, instead of using this opportunity to set up a quiver dance, conflict decides to use bug buzz, a sensible decision due to latios's weakness to bug-type moves and the knee-jerk tendency to switch dragonite into volcarona. however, this decision ends up backfiring on him, as grey knight's jirachi successfully lands a trick on volcarona, nullifying the threat of it launching a sweep against him and locking it into fiery dance. however, this comes at the cost of jirachi itself, evening out the field once again for both players.

pokemon count:

conflict (5) - grey knight (5)

advantage: neither.


mid-game (turns 5-12):

in an attempt to seize momentum from conflict, grey knight sends out his haxorus, seemingly bent on using the newly choice-locked volcarona as set-up fodder so he can dragon dance and go to town. however, conflict sends out his slowbro to mitigate the damage haxorus can do to his team, which lacks a steel-type that can take punishment from haxorus. however, an outrage from a boosted haxorus throws a wrench in conflict's plan, leaving slowbro with only 36% of its hp. however, not one to just take this attack without retaliation, conflict launches an ice beam at haxorus, leaving a comparable scar on haxorus's hide. conflict then switches slowbro out and sacks xatu, since it cannot do much to grey knight's team. this lets conflict use regenerator to recover some of the lost hp, giving slowbro a chance to ko haxorus with ice beam. never one to let up on the offense, grey knight responds in kind by sending out mamoswine, which conflict responds to by sending out volcarona. grey knight then decides to set up stealth rock, taking advantage of the fact that conflict sacked his xatu earlier. this kills volcarona (when combined with the damage earthquake did the turn after) and eliminates any focus sashes conflict may be hiding. grey knight then sends in choice band dragonite to take a weak bug buzz from volcarona, which ends up lowering its special defense (like it really mattered at this point). this move is what seals the battle in grey knight's favor. anything after that is just delaying the inevitable.

pokemon count:

conflict (4) - grey knight (4)

advantage: grey knight


endgame (turns 12-24):

after grey knight sends dragonite in, there is little conflict can do besides stalling for confusion damage. he goes about doing this by sacking his dugtrio and volcarona, leaving him with slowbro and chansey. at the end of turn 14, dragonite finally calmed down, suffering from confusion. grey knight then withdraws dragonite and sends out latios, not wanting to take any unnecessary risks that could let conflict snatch victory away from him. he attempts to psyshock blissey to the depths of the ocean, only for psyshock to impact slowbro's unfazed mug. slowbro's cameo appearance prompts grey knight to send magnezone out, which is met a with a flamthrower the slowbro pulled from hammerspace. a double switch occurs, with conflict arming himself with a chansey (hey, a magnezone was out, okay?) and grey knight brandishing a dragonite. after koing the chansey with outrage, conflict proceeds to stall dragonite out until it gets confused. once the confusion set into dragonite, grey knight brought out latios, intent on hitting slowbro in the dick where it hurt. after a miss, which only delayed the inevitable and scored latios a burn, grey knight seals the battle with a draco meteor.

pokemon count:

conflict (0) - grey knight (4)

winner: grey knight


while there was the issue of team match-up (dragon spam v. sun stall w/ no steel), both sides played well. conflict managed to prevent the battle from being a curb-stomp in grey knight's favor, and grey knight managed to keep the momentum on his side throughout the battle. cry team match-up if you want to bash this team, but there's no denying that both players played well. i personally enjoyed this battle (thanks to the many underrated threats that were used, without a doubt) and am looking forward to seeing more battles with underrated threats.
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edit: I know that Shakeitup is the undisputed champ of the thread, but the recent battle was 20 turns(8 of which Forry dicked around) and didn't even feature Pineco ='(

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